August 2015


Monday, May 18, 2015

[Karl-May-Festtage Radebeul]…… Im benachbarten Märchenzelt entführte der aus Pakistan stammende Kathak-Tänzer Ahsan Nadeem Sheikh, der seine Geschichte vom „Prinz von Persien“ mit einer Mischung aus Tanz, Musik und Erzählung präsentierte, in eine Welt irgendwo zwischen Bollywood und ganz großer Kleinkunst, wie man sie sonst eher auf dem Internationalen Wandertheaterfestival vermutet, das mit dem Herbst- und Weinfest Ende September gefeiert wird.


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Digital Art, contemporary miniatures go on display.

Ahsan on the other hand has contributed 11 mixed media contemporary miniatures based on the construction of objects on paper. Titled "Interference", the work on display is an extension of a previous series entitled "Towards Ambiguity", wherein everyday objects gradually lost their apparent-known forms with the manifestation of their geometrical constructions in stages. It thus challenged their values as understood normally.

"Interference signifies the importance of a given system in an environment wherein energies from their potential sources begin to unfold and interfere or interact. The resultant intereference can be constructive or destructive; it may take the form of a couple or resistance in varying degrees. It thereby nourishes the beliefs, doubts and behavioural patterns as well as an awareness which acts as an essential tool to tunnel one's way through life," Ahsan explained.

"Ahsan's long years of training at Nahid Siddiqui & Co also finds reflection in his art. "As a dancer, one is very sensitive to space. The division and construction of space and the elements placed on specific points at all actually relate to the "taal" (beat) system in classical music" he informed. The artist has served as a dance and yoga tutor in several educational institutions and academies, and has performed numerous classical Kathak repertoires.

Ahsan has worked extensively in the field of education- both within Pakistan as well as in the UK, where he undertook several storytelling projects in the British education system.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Every Dance tells a story for youngsters.

CHILDREN in Derby are enjoying storytelling sessions with a difference this summer.

Pictured above is Ahsan Nadeem Sheikh (29), from Lahore, Pakistan, performing a dance with Nathalie Newman (seven) at Redwood Infant School, Sinfin.

Mr. Sheikh a classical dancer, has been performing "The Persian Prince" in Derby Primary and infant schools to raise awareness of Pakistani culture. He is a specialist in the Kathak dance style, which means storytelling through dance.

The dance workshops are organised by the Surtal Asian Arts, based in Normanton, which promotes arts and culture from South Asian arts and culture across the East Midlands.


June 18, 2006 DAWN Images

Naheed’s student, Ahsan Nadeem, joined her in the third composition, Illusions — a Raga Suddh Sarang, which was meant to depict the merging of reality and fantasy and that the lines that define them are not what they seem to be. Naheed and Ahsan at first seemed to be each other’s shadows but the subtle differences in their moves soon rectified that initial impression. Ahsan was clearly the illusion in this inter-play between reality and fantasy. Had it not been for the stage presence that Naheed commands naturally, she would have been overshadowed by her own student. Graceful and delicate in his movements, Ahsan danced with emotion, displaying a lightness which gave the illusion of him dancing on air. He is a student Naheed should most definitely be proud off.